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Her Serene Omnipotence Calasandra Answers Our Questions

aMttM-aGttSE_finalToday we get a special treat as Her Serene Omnipotence Calasandra, has deigned to answer the questions posted by the editors.

Listen to her Answers

Thank you Your Serene Omnipotence.

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Dr. Dee Ceitful Answers the Evil Questions

aMttM-aGttSE_finalWe got this message on, you guessed it, a laser beam with a carrier wave build. It took us about 100 minions to figure out what it was, because they kept getting so close that getting fried, but it was a interesting way to get the message to us. Thanks Dr. Dee Ceitful.

Because we are good guys we have translated it from the laser beam’s carrier wave for you.

Dr. Dee Ceitful Answers the Evil Questions

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More answers To the Evil Questions – Julian Kaiser, PhD, MD, MSD

Evil Questions

by Julian Kaiser, PhD, MD, MSD

Some of you might now that I’m being published in an anthology. If you didn’t know that, now you do.You see there the glorious cover to the left. I understand that it’s filled to the brim with excellent advice on how you too can launch a successful career as a super villain/mad scientist.

The editors, one of whom is being held for ransom, have come up with a list of questions I’ve deigned to answer. The hope is that you will learn more about me and as a result be more likely to buy this book. So, on to the questions:

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