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The Evil Art Of Getting Back to The Basics

sheepOne of the Topics that we only partially covered in A Method To the Madness: A Guide To the Super Evil is that of starting over again when you fail, get defeated decide to take a different route, want to, can be therapeutic. Not to mention the lessons that can be learned.

I recently suffered set back with some of my minions decided to take stock in my situation in regards to those in my employ and get back to some basics. There is nothing like getting back to the very basics of basics to remind you of how it is done.

So Minions / henchmen / Sheep.

Yes, that is right, Sheep. You know some times you really have to get back to basics. I am not saying that everyone should always go this far but some times you need to go back to the beginning.

I am not saying that our undersea lab sprung a major leak do to um outside pressure and that on the same day out orbital space platform lost power because someone ripped the solar panels off, and who knew that the insurance companies don’t cover things like that on your home owners insurance, and that we were forced to return to our pedestrian home like everyone else and plant a garden and raise sheep as part of a farming collective to keep costs down. I am not saying any of those things. What I am saying is that herding sheep can be a good way to remind yourself of the basics of dealing with minions.

Some times you need to give them a good swat to get them to go where you want, some times you need a watch dog or a sheep dog to help keep them in line, and sometimes you need to just release a wolf into the fold and just let him have at the stupid sheep… I mean some times you need to stop shearing one of them and have lamb chops for dinner.

Sometimes you just need to sit down and take stock of where you are. You need listen to the advice of others. You need to read a good book like, Oh I don’t know, A Method To the Madness: A Guide To The Super Evil to figure out where you went wrong.

Enough with the advice, I have sheep to herd.
The (recently relocated) Dark Lord


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Dr. Dee Ceitful Answers the Evil Questions

aMttM-aGttSE_finalWe got this message on, you guessed it, a laser beam with a carrier wave build. It took us about 100 minions to figure out what it was, because they kept getting so close that getting fried, but it was a interesting way to get the message to us. Thanks Dr. Dee Ceitful.

Because we are good guys we have translated it from the laser beam’s carrier wave for you.

Dr. Dee Ceitful Answers the Evil Questions

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Super Evil Strikes Back!

Super evil strikes back.

J.R. Murdock

Perhaps you’ve heard that Mike Plested has been kidnapped, along with his entire family by the despicable villain, Lord Aquarius. What has he done wrong other than to write the book Mik Murdoch, Boy Superheroand edit the wicked compendium A Method to the Madness: A Guide to the Super Evil? I think that trying to mix oil and water are bad enough, but trying to produce a superhero tome along with a Super Evil guide as well? He has gone too far!

As an interviewer of the SuperEvil (you can find my interview with Dr. Nefarious in this forthcoming tome) I can say this delights me to no end. I had thought that the SuperEvil of this town had gone soft. It’s not often in this line of work you get to see the Super Evil actually pull one off. If we’re lucky, Mr. Plested has not…

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A Word of Warning from The Evil League


From the Desk of Alex – The 486 Beowulf Cluster

Today, the world received notice that The Evil League was not going to put up with its editors and writers pandering to those so called Super Heroes.

Editor, Michell Plested, was foolish enough to post an article from one of these would be heroes, a so called “Boy Super Hero,” to his blog. His family, and any alter egos he might have, have paid and will continue to pay the price for such foolishness

We The Evil League want to make it clear that this type of behavior will not be tolerated. Below is a brief excerpt from the most recent post explaining what will happen if editor and authors a like decided to pander to the heroes demands.

Apparently, some of the contributors to the Guide took exception to Mr. Murdoch’s comments and to me allowing him to post them on my website. Late last night, my family and I were relocated to the secret undersea volcano lair of the self-styled Lord Aquarius, Master of Oceans. Lord Aquarius has made it very clear to me that in order for my family to continue breathing air (not water or liquid-hot magma), I must cooperate fully with the wishes of the super-villain community.

We do take exception and if you know what is good for you, the pandering to super heroes now matter how small will STOP. You can read the rest of the cry for help from the editor here. Not that it will do any good.


Editors note: No Editors, families, super heroes, or alter egos were injured in the making of this.

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And It is Off To the Publisher

aMttM-aGttSE_finalJust a quick update to let you know that Mike, Alex (yes, I include Alex in this because if I don’t you don’t want to know what might happen) and I have been working very hard to get the final edits into the hands of our publisher. And it is finally done.

But the work is not done yet.

Evil Pro tip:
The work is never done for the Evil Overlord / Mad Scientist / Evil Super Villain / whatever.

We will be conducting interviews with the authors (and or their evil alter egos ) and posting them around the various evil networks and maybe, if you are lucky on some of the only questionable public networks.

If you have questions for our super villains drop us a line, maybe you will get an answer before we feed you to our laser wielding sharks.

We will also be posting various opportunities for you to meet and greet some of the Mad Scientist, and maybe, if you are lucky enough to survive the encounter, get a book signed.

jhite (1) have an evil day


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