The Henchmen’s Handbook

Coming soon!

The The Henchmen Handbook and Big Book of Lairs are an attempt by the Evil League to round out their catalog of reference materials for the up and coming super villain.

From the days of Dr. Frankenstein streching back in prehistory and up until today, there have been henchmen. But what separates a good henchmen from a great henchmen and one that you should just accidentally knock into the shark tank. Henchmen outnumber evil villains 10/100/1000 to 1 and if you have to spend all your time telling each and everyone of them how to be a good henchmen you will never have an time for real villainy. You, the real evil villain need a guide, maybe written by and evil super villain like yourself, but more likely written by someone in the trenches so to speak, on how to be not just a good henchmen, but how to be a great henchmen. It should explain for example, what sets the shark tank clearer apart from the shark tank gate operator?

This companion volume is still in the developmental stages are we are looking the input of you the super villain and the henchmen alike.

Our submission guidelines are the same as they were with A Method To The Madness: A Guide To The Super Evil, though we don’t yet know if our previous publisher will pick up this book or if we will have to publish by another method so at that this time we can not offer an advance for work submitted. If that changes we will let you know.

We are looking for articles and essays written from the perspective of mad scientists, evil doctors, crazed super-villains and espically the henchmen of all stripes, that provide advice for the perfect henchmen. Think Gru’s minions, Mini Me from the Austin Powers movies or Henchmen from Megamind.

We are looking for the best advice from your own experience in being a minion, tips and tricks for staying alive, when it is okay to sacrifice yourself and when you really should push someone else in front of the super laser. Interview techniques for the henchmen. What to wear the first day of the job, and of course moving up in he henchmen ranks.

Each article or essay should cover some aspect of having, being a minion, henchmen, or other lacky. The handbook is meant to be humorous and associated work should be written in that vein. Article length must be 2,000 to 7,500 words and submitted in standard manuscript format (

It needs to be original, we don’t want to print the same advice over and over again.

General Guidelines:

Original work

No reprints or simultaneous submissions.

This is an Open Submission.

Multiple submissions allowed, but must be sent in separate emails.

Include your mad scientist/evil doctor/super-villain/henchmen bio as well as your actual bio. All stories will be printed using your alter-ego name with your bio added to the back of the book.

Key Dates:
Submission Period: TBD these dates will be determined based on interest of both authors and publishers.
Reading Period: TBD
Target Publication Date: TBD

What we buy:

We are accepting world-wide submissions for the anthology.

We are purchasing First World Rights exclusive electronic text, print and audio rights, and an Exclusive rights for 1 year and a non-exclusive perpetual license thereafter. Put another way, that means you can sell your story elsewhere after one year, but that the anthology will remain in publication.

What we pay:

As mentioned above we do not yet have a publisher for this work so we do not know if we will pay as a profit sharing model or if we will have a deal like last time.

How to Submit:

Email submissions to:
Include your submission in the body of one email. No attachments.
Please put SUBMISSION, followed by the title of the story, and word count, in the subject line of your email.


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