Dr. Dee Ceitful Answers the Evil Questions

aMttM-aGttSE_finalWe got this message on, you guessed it, a laser beam with a carrier wave build. It took us about 100 minions to figure out what it was, because they kept getting so close that getting fried, but it was a interesting way to get the message to us. Thanks Dr. Dee Ceitful.

Because we are good guys we have translated it from the laser beam’s carrier wave for you.

Dr. Dee Ceitful Answers the Evil Questions

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Another update from one of the Evil League

aMttM-aGttSE_finalThe Evil League has been very busy lately. Some of them have kidnapped one of the editors of the book, while others have been gearing up for world domination. In this case they have a message for you.

When Your Grubby Mits Will Be Able to Hold A Minute Fragment of My Wisdom

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More answers To the Evil Questions – Julian Kaiser, PhD, MD, MSD

Evil Questions

by Julian Kaiser, PhD, MD, MSD

Some of you might now that I’m being published in an anthology. If you didn’t know that, now you do.You see there the glorious cover to the left. I understand that it’s filled to the brim with excellent advice on how you too can launch a successful career as a super villain/mad scientist.

The editors, one of whom is being held for ransom, have come up with a list of questions I’ve deigned to answer. The hope is that you will learn more about me and as a result be more likely to buy this book. So, on to the questions:

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The Editors Get some answers from the Dark lord

Well it was bound to happen. The editors (Mike Plested and myself) put out a video asking questions of our authors, and we got a response.

The Dark lord seems to be having some problems with his minions, but he does answer all 11 questions.

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Super Evil Strikes Back!

Super evil strikes back.

J.R. Murdock

Perhaps you’ve heard that Mike Plested has been kidnapped, along with his entire family by the despicable villain, Lord Aquarius. What has he done wrong other than to write the book Mik Murdoch, Boy Superheroand edit the wicked compendium A Method to the Madness: A Guide to the Super Evil? I think that trying to mix oil and water are bad enough, but trying to produce a superhero tome along with a Super Evil guide as well? He has gone too far!

As an interviewer of the SuperEvil (you can find my interview with Dr. Nefarious in this forthcoming tome) I can say this delights me to no end. I had thought that the SuperEvil of this town had gone soft. It’s not often in this line of work you get to see the Super Evil actually pull one off. If we’re lucky, Mr. Plested has not…

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Questions for the Evil Super Villain

aMttM-aGttSE_finalThe Evil League has been busy lately, what with the capture of one of the editors and thwarting the plan’s of that Upstart Mik Murdoch and his so called hero friends. Luckily they have Alex The Evil 486 Beowulf Cluster that can deal with a lot of it.

Along with all of that going on, they have requested that we ask you, the super Villain Authors to answer a few questions about yourself so that we can let the public (who apparently want to know) a little more about you, before the book comes out.

With that in mind, we present the following video with the questions.

Just a quick Correction. The video says the release date is July 1 2013, it is actually June 1 2013. I am sure Mike and I will pay for that mistake, but really that is great news. That means pre-release copies will Most likely be available for Balticon.

I have been told that not having these questions anywhere but in the video was just a little too evil, so here are the interview questions. But really watch the video it is much more fun than reading the questions.

Remember to keep your answers clean as there are kids in the audience.

      1. When you go out for dinner and you order filet mignon how do you pronounce the second word. Does it sound French or could you be talking about a nicely cooked slice of one of your Henchmen?
      2. If you could have an evil lair any where in the world, without worrying about those pesky super heroes, where would it be and why?
      3. When building the “death traps” around your home, do you want to do be actual Death traps or just Wow that really really hurts a lot traps? Why?
      4. As an evil mad scientist / ruler of… What is your biggest fear? Does it involve the laser beam wearing shark in your “fish tank?”
      5. What is your favorite way to torture/torment your nemesis when you capture him/her?
      6. What are the defining characteristics you look for in a minion?
      7. How did you originally get into Evil Science? (for those who don’t mention it in their article)
      8. Do you consider yourself to be a Super villain, Mad Scientist or something else and why?
      9. What is your favorite mode of transportation?
      10. Coke or Pepsi?
      11 What is your favorite evil application or product?

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A Word of Warning from The Evil League


From the Desk of Alex – The 486 Beowulf Cluster

Today, the world received notice that The Evil League was not going to put up with its editors and writers pandering to those so called Super Heroes.

Editor, Michell Plested, was foolish enough to post an article from one of these would be heroes, a so called “Boy Super Hero,” to his blog. His family, and any alter egos he might have, have paid and will continue to pay the price for such foolishness

We The Evil League want to make it clear that this type of behavior will not be tolerated. Below is a brief excerpt from the most recent post explaining what will happen if editor and authors a like decided to pander to the heroes demands.

Apparently, some of the contributors to the Guide took exception to Mr. Murdoch’s comments and to me allowing him to post them on my website. Late last night, my family and I were relocated to the secret undersea volcano lair of the self-styled Lord Aquarius, Master of Oceans. Lord Aquarius has made it very clear to me that in order for my family to continue breathing air (not water or liquid-hot magma), I must cooperate fully with the wishes of the super-villain community.

We do take exception and if you know what is good for you, the pandering to super heroes now matter how small will STOP. You can read the rest of the cry for help from the editor here. Not that it will do any good.


Editors note: No Editors, families, super heroes, or alter egos were injured in the making of this.

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And It is Off To the Publisher

aMttM-aGttSE_finalJust a quick update to let you know that Mike, Alex (yes, I include Alex in this because if I don’t you don’t want to know what might happen) and I have been working very hard to get the final edits into the hands of our publisher. And it is finally done.

But the work is not done yet.

Evil Pro tip:
The work is never done for the Evil Overlord / Mad Scientist / Evil Super Villain / whatever.

We will be conducting interviews with the authors (and or their evil alter egos ) and posting them around the various evil networks and maybe, if you are lucky on some of the only questionable public networks.

If you have questions for our super villains drop us a line, maybe you will get an answer before we feed you to our laser wielding sharks.

We will also be posting various opportunities for you to meet and greet some of the Mad Scientist, and maybe, if you are lucky enough to survive the encounter, get a book signed.

jhite (1) have an evil day


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A Release Date

Today, Five Rivers Press announced the official publication date for A Method to the Madness: A Guide to the Super Evil of July 1 2013.

We caught up with one of the many authors, Dr. Evil-n-Carnate, Frequent Flyer, Grocery Shopper and Overlord Of Cubical Block 3257J, just outside his head quarters this morning and he had this to say about the announcement:

We had to drag out the fire hoses to stop the party in minion housing. They still have work to do. All those bits and bytes are not going to arrange themselves and Alex (our 486 Beowulf Cluster) is busy with, ummm, his shopping list.

Five Rivers Press also announced that you could pre-order your copy of the book from now until June 30th at a reduced price (25% off).

Evil Pro Tip:

If I were an evil genius on a budget, I would jump all over that.

Last, there is a contest. All of the various authors have alter ego bio’s hidden out in the vastness of the internet. There are links to these in the book itself, but you can start searching now. There are prizes to those who find all of them. There are more details about this, the book, the release date, the authors and many other things in the update from Five Rivers.

Good luck and happy overlording.

-Jeff Hite

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To the CONS!

From the Desk of Alex – The 486 Beowulf Cluster


[Alex@alexbeowulf ~]$ read to_the_cons_post

While publishing your schedule of events isn’t strictly against the rules of the various evil organizations around the world, it is usually frowned upon. Especially if you are planning a public display of your greatness and don’t really want any of your nemesis showing up and foiling your plans. And it is always a bit risky if you are trying to avoid being seen, or captured, (for those of you who are shall we say outside of the law.)

While all of this is true, sometimes it is a good thing to let people know that you are going to be at a certain place at a certain time. Like when you plan to meet them for coffee, or share with them a project that you have been working on. [Hint Hint Hint!]

With that in mind, we, the editors of A Method to the Madness: A Guide to the Super Evil, are announcing that we will be at Balticon this year. We are hopeful that many of the other authors will be as well. In fact, if you know that you are going to be there please leave a comment so your hordes of minions, groupies, fans whatever will know where you are.

Here is to hoping to test out our diabolical devices, I mean hoping to see you there.

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