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Mik Murdoch: Boy Superhero Mik Murdoch #1 by Michell Plested

A very nice review from our friends over at Tree Slices

Tree Slices

Mik Murdoch: Boy SuperheroMik Murdoch: Boy Superhero by Michell Plested
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Alberta Author!
Alberta Publisher!
Full Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review

An adorable, cheery story full of morals and personal growth, the Mik Murdoch series follows Cranberry Flats denizen and proto-super Mik Murdoch on his quest to develop superpowers, create a costume, thwart evil and aid those in need. It’s a heartwarming romp through a small town childhood that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy all over, and excited to see what Mik’s next adventure will be.

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Villains as Teachers of Heroes

JhiteYou know, most of the time you would not think of an evil super villain as a teacher. The image of a crazy-haired, wild-eyed, lab coat-wearing, super laser-wielding person at the front of a classroom full of quivering, crying, simpering little children might not be what you think of being the best idea. I can understand that. But you have to understand that we really do have a lot of knowledge to impart. We are (as a group) probably the top 5% of the brain power in the world.

Maybe you could see us more in a university setting. I mean really who didn’t have the crazy professors in college. Like the one who was too tall, and so had to lean to one side to write on the board and spent half of his time writing on the board and half of his time fixing his comb over. That right there taught you a valuable lesson. Not only did you spend most of your time in class trying to figure out the physics behind his combover, but you learned that if you are going to have a comb over and if you are really tall, you should lean the other way so gravity keeps it in place rather than pulling it down.

The point is that we have a lot of information that we can share with the world. That is after all why we got the best and brightest of the Super Villains to come out of their lairs to give us their secrets. Well at least some of their secrets.

One thing that was neglected in our book, and that I will talk about now is what we can teach the heroes. Yes, that is right I said the heroes. What, you think aMttM-aGttSE_finalbecause they are heroes they don’t have anything to learn from us? Well let me set the record straight. There are things that only a villain can teach to a hero, super or otherwise.

You still don’t believe me I am sure. That is of course the problem. Our reputation as evil-doers tends to put a note of untruth into everything we do, even when we are trying to be helpful.

Let me take a famous example. Superman. And I am not talking about that modern “Man of Steel” version. I am talking about the real Superman. He has only one weakness, kryptonite, right? Wrong. That is what he thought too. He thought that he was invulnerable, that nothing could hurt him. That was until his dad died. Yup I am going right for the jugular here. He discovered that with all of his powers some times there are things that you just can’t fix. And his weakness is the frail human people around him. Of course he didn’t really learn this until a super villain taught it to him.

Superman had two rules. Don’t fall in love with a human, and don’t mess with time, and because of one human, one weakness, he did both. And who taught him his lesson? Lex Luthor, a villain.

super-hero-gray-md[1]That is the way it is. We villains have lessons to teach the heroes. They are not lessons they can learn on their own, because they are lessons they don’t want to learn. LIke the weaknesses that they didn’t know they had. Most villains know that a hero, a true hero will protect the population even if that means letting the bad guy get away. Some times heroes don’t even understand that themselves until the first time you let a reanimated, rampaging, tyrannosaurus shark hybrid wander the downtown streets of their favorite city so that you and your henchmen have time to get away. It is not until they have figured out the only way to defeat the tyrannosaurus shark hybrid is to first drown the dino part in water and then drown the shark part in air that they figure out that you have escaped, and that they have a new weakness.

Sometimes the lessons that you have to teach them is that they are not really a hero after all. Some Heroes are really just villains wait to be discovered on the villain circuit. Not that there is a villain circuit mind you. You heroes reading this just put that notion out of your head. Where was I, yes heroes being villains.

Sometimes it take something to trigger the villain in them, some extreme event. The problem with this is that once they have figured out that they are a villain, you need to either make sure very quickly that they understand that you are on their side now. Or that you run like crazy because if you were the one that set them off down this path, a super hero turned super villain can be mighty, um bad for your health if you know what I mean. super_hero1[1]

Most of the time the lessons that we need to teach heroes are not the kinds of lessons you can learn in any school. They are the, look very hard in the mirror and see what I see, instead of what you want to see, kinds of things. Take the red cape, the magic lasso, the utility belt, the odd colored light away from the hero and who are they? Some of them discover things that they didn’t want to know about themselves. Some of them discover that they are not so powerful after all, and some of them, even discover that they don’t like what they see.

That last one is pretty common. There is a pretty thin line between being noble and good, and fighting for what is right, when the going gets really tough, and just burning down entire city blocks so that you can root out one so called bad guy. Who is the bad guy then?

In the end being a hero can be as dark a business as being a villain, and most heroes don’t understand that. It is a lesson that we as super villains need to teach them.

I could go on, but you likely get the point. We villains really do have things to teach the world. Some times those things are that we should rule the world, and some times we are more altruistic, and have things to teach you about yourself and those pesky heroes.

What more Advice from the Super Villains? Check out A Method To the Madness: A Guide To the Super Evil


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Cover Art

We now have cover art for the book.


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First Round of Letters Going Out

For those of you who have been waiting with baited breath for an answer to your submissions (and even for those of you who have been calm), we wanted to let you know that the first round of emails/letters is now going out. If you haven’t received one yet, don’t despair (unless that is your thing). We will be getting to everyone over the course of the next few days.

There were lots of great submissions. Some hit the mark perfectly, some were close but need a bit of work and, unfortunately, there were a few that didn’t quite meet our needs. We will be letting you all know one way or the other how your submissions fared.

You may have seen Tweets or Facebook posts from people stating they have received contracts already. That is true only because I attended a writing conference and those people were also there. It has always been my preference to deliver good and bad news in person, if possible.

Thank you all for your patience and your efforts to send us your submissions.

-Michell Plested (co-editor, “A Method to the Madness, A Guide to the Super Evil”)


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Action Pack Podcast S01E03

Action Pack Podcast S01E03.

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The Clock is Ticking – T minus 2 Months Till Submissions Close

Greettings Evil Doers. As you may (or may not) be aware, the submission deadline for our glorious handbook is getting ever closer. In fact, as of this writing there is slightly less than two months to go.

I, your ever humble (and magnificent) editor, have been asked on several occasions what kind of articles we are looking for. Well, I don’t want to give too much away, but I do have some thoughts on topics that I know I struggled with when I was beginning to build my Evil Empire.

For example, many people talk about hiring/breeding/training/kidnapping/conscripting/shanghaiing minions. Excellent topics to be sure, but what about the under-the-cover topics that are rarely thought about? For example, what role would an HR Department play in any good villainous corporation? Are the rules the same as big business or do they deviate? What kind of benefits do minions, peons and henchmen require? What is competitive in today’s marketplace?

So many excellent opportunities for articles.

Then, there is that always vexing problem that I faced as a boy: where can any self-respecting evil genius get the necessary parts and plans to build that weather machine or particle beam? Can you get them from the Radio Shack down the street or are there special stores online that cater to the world-conquering wannabe?

What about an article addressing the conundrum of micro or zero-gravity? Are there logistical considerations to building a moon base or high-Earth orbit satellite base? What are reasonable types of power generation to power that death ray? Are powersuits and mechanical men worth the investment?

As you can see, there are many, MANY possible topics that should be covered in the handbook. Are you struggling for ideas? Maybe one of these will tweak an idea. Remember, you have just two months to go. Get your pencils sharpened and get something written.

Good luck!

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Three Months Left to Submit

It’s not time to panic… yet, but there are only three (3) months left to submit your article or essay to us for consideration. We tell you this because we would HATE to miss publishing your wisdom in the dark arts of Mad Science because you missed a silly little deadline.

But, that is exactly what will happen if you are late. Cause, we’ve got to be fair (yes, an odd concept for a villain, but honor among thieves and all that) to all those people who do meet the submission deadline.

Time flies when you are having fun, so STOP having fun and write something for us!

You have your orders. Good luck!


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Once You Start Looking for Villains, They’re Everywhere

Have you ever noticed how when you buy a certain model of car, you suddenly see that car everywhere? Even if you’ve never seen it on the road before?

Super Villains and Mad Scientists are much the same. Prior to deciding to create the Mad Scientist Handbook (yes, I know that’s only the unofficial, working title), I rarely saw any evil doctors at all. The same was true for mad scientists or really any villains at all (super or otherwise).

Then, the submission period opened and I started seeing them everywhere. The Villain’s Corner on Twitter, Dr. Mercury, and even the Mad Monkey. They are everywhere!

It does my evil heart good to see so much talent out there.

Now, we just need the baddies to start sending articles and essays with their hard-won wisdom to educate the next generation of nemesis. Without that knowledge how can anyone hope to learn from the mistakes of the past, I ask you.

Keep on coming out of the woodwork and contribute. Think of the children.

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Five Rivers to Publish A Method To the Madness: A Guide to the Super Evil

Villains rejoice! Co-editors, Michell Plested and Jeffrey Hite have reached an agreement with Five Rivers ( to publish the anthology, A Method To the Madness: A Guide to the Super Evil.

A Method To the Madness: A Guide to the Super Evil will be a tongue-in-cheek anthology of short essays aimed to guide the up-and-coming mad scientist to success in a career of supervillainry.

A Method To the Madness: A Guide to the Super Evil is a for-love anthology, accepting submissions until May 31, 2012. The anthology is scheduled for release Spring 2013 in both print and digital formats, and will be available globally through online booksellers.

Guidelines for the anthology can be found at:

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Experience – It Is All About Been There Done That.

Experience. That is what is it is all about. You can’t take over the world on your first try, you have to start out when you are young and try taking over something like Lichtenstein, or Estonia. A small enough country that most people would not even notice that it changed hands, heck most people would not even know that anything was any different because they would not know what it had been in the first place. if you start small like that, you learn the little tricks along the way. Which kind of officials can be bribed. When you need to have a goon squad, and when what you really need is a small army. What kinds of clockwork machines will work against the local forces and which ones will get clogged with sand when you try for a beach landing.
These are the things that experience will teach you, because no matter how smart you are, some times unless you have lived it or know someone who has, you will never learn. There are resources out there. There are people who have tried to take over Australia, only to find that Kangaroos are not as friendly as they appear. There are those who have built super computers only to have them try to take over the world themselves. These are the kind of things that you as the young evil mad scientist should try to learn from.
That is why I, the Dark Hite and my alter ego, Michell Plested are putting together the definitive work on the subject, and why we need your help. We need your experiences, your stories about when you took over North Carolina only to find out NASCAR fans will revolt if you cancel the race on Sunday, or that time you went to Alaska only to find out that Gnome is not really a portal to the Fae realm, and might not be your best bet for getting an army of rock trolls. without these experiences how do you expect the up and coming evil overlord to know that it is Greenland that is really cold and Iceland that might be a good place to setup operations.

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