A Word of Warning from The Evil League

08 Apr


From the Desk of Alex – The 486 Beowulf Cluster

Today, the world received notice that The Evil League was not going to put up with its editors and writers pandering to those so called Super Heroes.

Editor, Michell Plested, was foolish enough to post an article from one of these would be heroes, a so called “Boy Super Hero,” to his blog. His family, and any alter egos he might have, have paid and will continue to pay the price for such foolishness

We The Evil League want to make it clear that this type of behavior will not be tolerated. Below is a brief excerpt from the most recent post explaining what will happen if editor and authors a like decided to pander to the heroes demands.

Apparently, some of the contributors to the Guide took exception to Mr. Murdoch’s comments and to me allowing him to post them on my website. Late last night, my family and I were relocated to the secret undersea volcano lair of the self-styled Lord Aquarius, Master of Oceans. Lord Aquarius has made it very clear to me that in order for my family to continue breathing air (not water or liquid-hot magma), I must cooperate fully with the wishes of the super-villain community.

We do take exception and if you know what is good for you, the pandering to super heroes now matter how small will STOP. You can read the rest of the cry for help from the editor here. Not that it will do any good.


Editors note: No Editors, families, super heroes, or alter egos were injured in the making of this.

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