The Clock is Ticking – T minus 2 Months Till Submissions Close

04 Apr

Greettings Evil Doers. As you may (or may not) be aware, the submission deadline for our glorious handbook is getting ever closer. In fact, as of this writing there is slightly less than two months to go.

I, your ever humble (and magnificent) editor, have been asked on several occasions what kind of articles we are looking for. Well, I don’t want to give too much away, but I do have some thoughts on topics that I know I struggled with when I was beginning to build my Evil Empire.

For example, many people talk about hiring/breeding/training/kidnapping/conscripting/shanghaiing minions. Excellent topics to be sure, but what about the under-the-cover topics that are rarely thought about? For example, what role would an HR Department play in any good villainous corporation? Are the rules the same as big business or do they deviate? What kind of benefits do minions, peons and henchmen require? What is competitive in today’s marketplace?

So many excellent opportunities for articles.

Then, there is that always vexing problem that I faced as a boy: where can any self-respecting evil genius get the necessary parts and plans to build that weather machine or particle beam? Can you get them from the Radio Shack down the street or are there special stores online that cater to the world-conquering wannabe?

What about an article addressing the conundrum of micro or zero-gravity? Are there logistical considerations to building a moon base or high-Earth orbit satellite base? What are reasonable types of power generation to power that death ray? Are powersuits and mechanical men worth the investment?

As you can see, there are many, MANY possible topics that should be covered in the handbook. Are you struggling for ideas? Maybe one of these will tweak an idea. Remember, you have just two months to go. Get your pencils sharpened and get something written.

Good luck!

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