Once You Start Looking for Villains, They’re Everywhere

13 Feb

Have you ever noticed how when you buy a certain model of car, you suddenly see that car everywhere? Even if you’ve never seen it on the road before?

Super Villains and Mad Scientists are much the same. Prior to deciding to create the Mad Scientist Handbook (yes, I know that’s only the unofficial, working title), I rarely saw any evil doctors at all. The same was true for mad scientists or really any villains at all (super or otherwise).

Then, the submission period opened and I started seeing them everywhere. The Villain’s Corner on Twitter, Dr. Mercury, and even the Mad Monkey. They are everywhere!

It does my evil heart good to see so much talent out there.

Now, we just need the baddies to start sending articles and essays with their hard-won wisdom to educate the next generation of nemesis. Without that knowledge how can anyone hope to learn from the mistakes of the past, I ask you.

Keep on coming out of the woodwork and contribute. Think of the children.

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