Experience – It Is All About Been There Done That.

13 Jan

Experience. That is what is it is all about. You can’t take over the world on your first try, you have to start out when you are young and try taking over something like Lichtenstein, or Estonia. A small enough country that most people would not even notice that it changed hands, heck most people would not even know that anything was any different because they would not know what it had been in the first place. if you start small like that, you learn the little tricks along the way. Which kind of officials can be bribed. When you need to have a goon squad, and when what you really need is a small army. What kinds of clockwork machines will work against the local forces and which ones will get clogged with sand when you try for a beach landing.
These are the things that experience will teach you, because no matter how smart you are, some times unless you have lived it or know someone who has, you will never learn. There are resources out there. There are people who have tried to take over Australia, only to find that Kangaroos are not as friendly as they appear. There are those who have built super computers only to have them try to take over the world themselves. These are the kind of things that you as the young evil mad scientist should try to learn from.
That is why I, the Dark Hite and my alter ego, Michell Plested are putting together the definitive work on the subject, and why we need your help. We need your experiences, your stories about when you took over North Carolina only to find out NASCAR fans will revolt if you cancel the race on Sunday, or that time you went to Alaska only to find out that Gnome is not really a portal to the Fae realm, and might not be your best bet for getting an army of rock trolls. without these experiences how do you expect the up and coming evil overlord to know that it is Greenland that is really cold and Iceland that might be a good place to setup operations.

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