How the Mad Scientist Guide Idea Came into Being

08 Dec

It all began on a bright sunny Twitter day.

JAHite and I (mplested) were Tweeting back and forth being silly, when we somehow got onto the subject of taking over the world. For those of you who don’t know, JAHite and I are each other alter-ego’s on Twitter. We were in agreement that we could, in fact, use our 486-Beowolf cluster to accomplish said world-domination, but only if the actions didn’t happen to contradict our respective wive’s evening plans.

That got me thinking that there must be a set of rules for the would-be world dominator. I liked the idea so much I proposed that we should create said book with the help of all you other mad scientists, evil doctors and other super-villains.

That was the beginning. We continued to talk and plot (as a good mad scientist would) and now, we have a plan for, if not for world domination, at least to bring a book that will help all the next generations of dominators to draw inspiration from.

Thanks for coming by and please, send us your stories and how-to articles. Maybe you can help to train that new generation of villain.

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